Stranger          So back then, when I was still around 11 years old, I had a strange and terrifying experience that still mingles through my mind until today. I just can't seem to forget about it, thankfully I'm still living and breathing today.
        If you do not know where I  actually live, I live in an amazing and beautiful country called Indonesia specifically in the city of Bandung. Indonesia is known to others as a country with beautiful  beaches, scenery and its rich culture. But what people seemed to kinda forget is the fact that this country or my country is still a developing a country, therefore they seemed to forget that Indonesia still has a staggering  CRIME RATE  according to These crimes may vary between people but you can summarize it to threat, death, stealing, and kidnapping. These four elements of crime is very common in Indonesia.So whether you are tourists or natives in Indonesia, you have to be really careful for the sake of your being…

Stumbling Upon A Mysterious Young Lady(Dialogue)

Stumbling Upon A Mysterious Young Lady Dwika is waiting for a train when he happened to stumble upon a young lady. He approached her and started a conversation. Dwika: Oh hi there! Where are you going to? Tasya: Oh Hello. I am actually going to Jakarta Dwika: Oh what a good coincidence. We happened to go to the same place Tasya:  Yeah… Dwika: Oh sorry for not introducing myself. My name is Dwika and you are? Tasya: My name is Tasya. Dwika:  So why are you going there? I mean what attracts you to go to Jakarta? Tasya:  Well I have a meeting. You see I am actually working on to make a start- up company. Dwika: Oh wow! That is a very bold move to make especially for a young lady like you. Oh If I may ask something. What will your start up company be focused in? Tasya: Well for the moment being my company will largely focus on online cake delivery. For now it will only be just small cakes. But in the future I


Hello there! My name is Dwika. I am a student from 3 High School Bandung. You know, when I think about making a bio or an in-depth look at myself. I feel that it is a bit unsafe. To me, putting your general information or a detailed information about yourself can pose a big threat to yourself. I fear that this is one of the ways bad people get closed information about yourself. 
  But the more i think about it, the reason on why people are willingly open about their personal information, is because so that other people from all over the world can take the personal meaning behind your story so that, it would have a positive impact on their lives which in the end could inspire them to do better things. So without further to do lets talk about myself. 
  I was born in a tiny city just east out of Jakarta, Indonesia. That city is Bandung. To be specific I was born on the month of June, the date 15, and the year 2002. So as I am writing this I am still 15 years old. I don't specif…